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About Me

Having led the on-boarding team at two international schools, been part of many more, and researching this area for the dissertation on my Masters Degree in International Education I truly believe that induction is one of the most important factors to giving you new staff the best chance of success.

I feel very strongly that many international schools neglect the on-boarding and retention of their new staff, they see it as ‘… an HR thing’ and this is a mistake which ends up costing both the school and the individual money, time, and effort. But it does not have to be this way! By putting an excellent induction system (not a week or two!) in place you are giving your new staff, the investment, the time, and the best chance of being the best practitioner which ultimately benefits the children at your school. 

Once you get your staff to your school, how will you keep them? How will you retain your best staff? Will it just happen? Research and experience would suggest not! This website is designed to assist schools, to assist you in giving practical and researched advice on how by being spending some time to strategise your retention programme you can build a fantastic team which ultimately provide the children at your school world-class learning experience.

Good luck and I hope this is the start of some excellent indication and retention programmes around the world! 

I was born in England growing up in Staffordshire and then later in south London. Working at a summer camp in Chicago and then New York, instilled a love for working and educating children. After finishing a Business Management degree and running a restaurant for a year I undertook a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in London. As a student-teacher, I taught for a week at Wandsworth prison, then at three very different schools, with the final school being in a very deprived neighbourhood with many children who would be classed as ESL (English as a Second Language) learners. This taught me the value of children enjoying their learning, by having their learning not too easy and not too hard, the Goldilocks zone, and what primary-aged children need from their teacher more than anything else.  

After three years working in south London, I took the jump to teach internationally at an international school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. After three years in Vietnam, at two different international schools, I moved to Singapore for two years working with a multitude of nationalities. It was in Singapore where I met my wife and after we got married we moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil where we had our first child. From here, we moved to the United Arab Emirates and had our second child. I became Deputy Head at Rugby School Thailand for 4 years and now I am Deputy Principal/Head of Primary at CIS in Yerevan, Armenia. 

I am always happy to connect to link-minded educators around the world. Contact me on any of my social media platforms or email listed below.